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Whether you are in the seed market for row-crops, pasture fields, your home, or cover crops, Didinger & Son’s has you covered. We offer a broad portfolio of seeds that are backed by trials across the nation and are scientifically proven to produce effective results.


Agricultural Seed

For over 75 years, we have provided high-quality agriculture seeds to farmers throughout Ohio.

We understand that each farmer's fields have unique characteristics, and our varieties of seeds enable you to choose the best for your farm. With seed varieties ranging from conventional corn, soybeans, or legumes, our staff can help you in determining the specific variety best for your operation.

Cover Crop Seed

Cover crops, typically added to a crop rotation between two commodities or forage crops, provides living, seasonal soil cover which aids in increasing soil moisture capacity, improved nutrient recycling, and helps with weed suppressions.

Whether your cover crop is planted in the fall, or late spring/summer, Didinger’s has you covered. With numerous cover crop options in each of the three categories (i.e., grasses, legumes, and broadleaf non-legumes), we can work with you to discover what may work best in your field.

Pasture Mixes

Utilizing pasture mixes on your farm creates versatility and can aid in providing better nutrition and yields across the growing season. Whether you are looking for a premium pasture mix containing a mix of all grasses, or perhaps a more tailored pasture mix specifically for baling or animal-type, we have a wide selection to meet your needs. Call us to see which pasture mix can work best for you!

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