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Pond Chemicals

A pond is a great addition to any yard or garden and can provide a source of beauty and relaxation. However, ponds can also be a breeding ground for unwanted weeds and pests. pond chemicals are an effective way to prevent and treat these problems. Our experts can help you choose the right pond chemicals for your situation, ensuring that your pond remains healthy and beautiful.

Why do you need chemicals for your pond?

Our pond chemicals and pond treatment products are perfect for anyone looking to improve the health and appearance of their pond. Algaecides (kills pond algae), herbicides (kills pond plants and weeds) and many different water chemistry products, pond dyes, pond chemical surfactants (makes the chemicals stick to the pond weeds better instead of being washed off), are all available to help you get the desired results. Whether you need to adjust water pH, improve water clarity, neutralize chlorine, or color your pond water so less sun gets filtered through - we have a product that can help! 

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